Block Calls and SMS from Specific Numbers on Infinix Phones : Here’s how to

If you are wondering how you can actually block calls and text messages (SMS) from some specified numbers on infinix smartphones, this tutorial will guide you through. 

I understand how annoying it can be when a particular number keeps bugging you, as well as when you keep getting messages from a particular number and you have no idea how to stop it.

block calls and messages from numbers on infinix phones

On infinix smartphones, you don’t necessary need to install any other app before you can perform the above functions. All you need do, is make use of the inbuilt app and here’s how to.

How to block Calls and SMS from Numbers on Infinix Phones

It’s safe to say that older infinix phones up to the HOT 5, runs infinix XUI. While newly launched infinix phones like the Hot 4, NOTE 3 and HOT S, runs XUI which is the brand’s refined User Interface.

Thankfully, same process can be done on both UIs.

  • Simply Tap on the App drawer and locate XManager app
  • Launch the XManager app and tap on Harassment Block
  • Under the Harassment Block menu, tap on the blacklist tab and choose the option to add blacklist.

You can thereafter, choose to add numbers from your call log, contacts, SMS or manually input the numbers.

It’s that easy!

If you want to customize the blacklist a bit, you can tap on the gear icon (settings), and choose if to block both SMS and phone calls or just calls from the blocked contacts.

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So, there you have it. Blocking contacts on infinix phones is that easy. Got questions? Please free to share using the comment session.

Update (June, 2018) – Block Calls On Latest Infinix Phones

Judging by the comments, a lot of persons still seem to have problems with being able to block numbers on their infinix phones. For this reason, I have decided to update this post with a working method.

The reason for the difference is, this post was originally written with older infinix phones in mind. Likes of the HOT 3 and earlier. However, since XOS (the brand’s customized UI) was launched, things have changed. For this reason, this post will be updated to help those using Infinix HOT 4 and newer devices. If you are running android 7 nougat or older, this should come in handy.

Although I have written on this in this updated post, I still feel the need to update here as well. While I will be stating the working method, I will also be stating other methods with which you can ban a number from being able to reach you on your phone. This way, you have more varieties. But first, the working method.

Method 1. Block Numbers Via Recent Call Menu

This is perhaps, the simplest method in getting this done. Being able to ban numbers from calling you via the recent call menu is the simplest method to go with. Simply follow the steps below.

block numbers on infinix phones via recent call method

  • Tap on the phone icon
  • Next to the number you want to block, tap on the options icon. See above for screenshot.
  • Tap on the more icon, and tap on Block Number.
  • A notification stating you will no longer receive calls or texts from this number will be displayed. Simply tap on Block.
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Method 2. Ban Numbers Via TrueCaller App

Truecaller is no doubt, a well-known app. If you are the type who would like to know a number that’s calling you without having to save it, truecaller app can be really handy. Essentially, the app shows you the name the number is being stored as on other devices using truecaller. For the most part, it is often accurate.

The app allows you block numbers. That way, blocked contacts will not be able to reach you as long as you still have the app stored on your phone.

block contacts on Infinix Phones via truecaller app

  • Launch the truecaller app
  • Tap on the contact’s number you would like to block
  • Tap On Block
  • A prompt asking if you want to block will be displayed. Tap on Block.

That’s it. That’s how to block numbers on latest infinix phones. Will you be interested in knowing how to fix some android related problems? Here are some common Nougat problems and their solutions.

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